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Assessment Fees & Location

Scheduling & Payment Policy

*** NOTE ***

FULL payment must be received:

  • prior to scheduling operators for their Level A practical assessments and re-assessments, and
  • before operators will be able to access the Level B and D on-line test.

To substitute a different operator for an application already paid in full, fill out and submit this form: Operator Substitution Form

Please contact us if you have any questions: toll free 1.888.952.6033.

Level A | Level B | Level C | Level D


  • All fees are payable at the time of application.
  • A fee is charged for all cancellations.
  • We accept all credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express) as well as business and personal cheques and money orders.
  • 5% GST is due on all fees.


If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact our office beforehand. Cancellation and rescheduling fees will apply (see tables below). If you do not contact the office prior to your appointment ("No Show"), your application fee will be forfeited.

LEVEL A – Full Scope Crane Operation


The crane must have a valid inspection certificate, an up-to-date log book and the correct load charts. If any of these are missing, you will not be assessed.


Each assessment takes on average 2 to 2½ hours to complete (3 to 3½ hours for Lattice Friction Cranes).

Assessment LOCATION

  • You may be assessed at the location of your choice on any crane appropriate for the class of certificate you are applying for.
  • The location where you will be assessed must have enough obstruction free room around the crane to carry out assessment activities – enough space to lay down the boom for inspection and enough space to swing the boom through the full designed rotation. No power lines may be in the operating area.
  • There must also be a quiet, undisturbed space out of the weather available for you to answer the load chart and rigging part of the assessment.
  • The assessment fee includes assessor travel to all centres serviced by regular scheduled flights in Western and Northern Canada (or within 2 hours travel). Outside of these areas, please contact our main office for an estimated travel quote.


  • Appointments will be booked once payment has been received.
  • A separate assessment must be booked for each operator for each class of crane being assessed.
  • We charge a fee for all cancellations and for all rescheduling within 15 days of appointments. Travel for the assessors is booked 15 days in advance and our assessors are dispatched 10 days in advance of the assessment appointment.

CANCELLATIONS & Rescheduling Appointments

  • If you are unable to attend your appointment, please contact the office beforehand. Cancellation and rescheduling fees will apply (see below).
  • If you do not contact the office prior to the appointment and do not attend your appointment ("No show") there will be no refund of application fees.
  • Fulford actively manages Level A crane operator applications through a number of stages including: processing of applications and payments; registering operators in Fulford's database; distribution of assessment and resource materials to operators; and scheduling of assessment times. When assessment dates are refused, follow-up contact is maintained at regular intervals. As a result the administrative costs of carrying inactive applications increase over time. Therefore, an administrative fee of $100 per year is levied on all inactive application cancellations.