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Practical Skills & Knowledge

Mobile Crane Inspection Checklist

As part of the Level A Assessment, crane operators must complete an inspection of their crane.

This checklist is a comprehensive reference tool from WorkSafeBC which provides specific OHS references for each aspect of safe crane set up and operation. There is also a crane lift capacity analysis section, where description and weights for load information can be added.

Although it was created for employers and used primarily by prevention officers to inspect mobile cranes in industry, this is a valuable tool to prepare for your Level A Assessment.

Mobile Crane Inspection Checklist »

What do I need to know?

The following guides outline the skills and knowledge required to meet each competence standard.

View these guides online or download them (pdf files → download Adobe Reader www.adobe.com)


These core skills are the same for all crane types.

The following guides include the required skills and knowledge in addition to the Core Skills & Knowledge.



  • Stiff Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Stiff Boom – 40 Tonnes & Under
  • Folding Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Folding Boom – 22 Tonnes & Under (knuckle boom crane ie HIAB)

    • Tower Crane includes luffing and track mounted cranes
    • Self Erecting Cranes (under development)

    The assessment tests you against competence standards developed by industry and registered as the official Provincial standards for crane operations by the Industry Training Authority (ITA). These guides have been prepared with funding from WorkSafeBC and the ITA.