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Application Forms

Level A Practical Assessments


Minimum Boom Length

  • All Cranes: 25 feet (7.62 metres)
  • Lattice Friction Crane:
    100 feet (30.48 metres)

Minimum Capacity

  • All Cranes: 5 tons (4.535 tonnes)
  • Mobile Hydraulic 80 Tonnes & Under:
    over 20 tonnes (22.05 tons)

Minimum Height – Tower Crane
Hook height must be at least 80 feet above the ground/deck surface where targets will be laid out

If you have any questions concerning these requirements, please contact us. The assessor will not continue with the assessment if the crane provided does not meet the minimum size requirements.


The following requirements must also be fulfilled for the assessment to take place:

  • Cranes must have an up-to-date certification for the practical assessment. If the crane certification is not up-to-date, the assessment will not proceed.
  • The Load Chart and Log Book must be legible, up-to-date and available.
  • Outrigger pads must be available for crane set up. The floats provided with the cranes are not sufficient.
  • Adequate yard space must be available for crane set up and to perform the operating components of the assessment.
  • No power lines may be in the operating area.

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Learn more about how to classify Folding Boom Truck Cranes.

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For more information on crane requirements, see RESTRICTIONS.

** NOTE: Fee Schedule Change as of 4 May 2017 **
For more details see CraneSafe News »

Each application form contains complete details about the level of certification and all requirements. If you have any questions about the application forms or are unable to download them from this page, please contact our office.

Operator Substitution
To substitute a different operator for an application already paid in full, fill out and submit the Operator Substitution Form.

LEVEL A – Full Scope Crane Operation

Please note the list of crane and on-site requirements for the Level A assessment (to the right).

Operators applying for the following crane types must register with the ITA and successfully complete their 100-question test before applying to Fulford for the CraneSafe Level A Assessment: Mobile Crane (including Lattice Friction, Lattice Hydraulic, Mobile Hydraulic Unlimited Tonnage); Mobile Hydraulic 80 Tonnes & Under; Stiff Boom Unlimited Tonnage; Folding Boom Unlimited Tonnage; and Tower Crane.

If you are a single crane operator paying for the application yourself, choose the INDIVIDUAL form. Otherwise, use the EMPLOYER application.
Application forms can be filled out on screen and submitted by email or printed and filled out by hand. If you are unable to access the forms, please contact our office.

Application for ASSESSMENT - For first time assessments
1. INDIVIDUAL Application for Assessment
2. EMPLOYER Application for Assessment

Application for RE-ASSESSMENT
1. INDIVIDUAL Application for Re-Assessment
2. EMPLOYER Application for Re-Assessment

LEVEL B – Provisional Certification

(for Trainee Crane Operators & Apprentices)

Level B certification requires a successful result on the online BCACS Crane Core Theory Exam. If an operator is not successful, a second or third attempt of the online test may be made. For a second or third attempt, the Re-Application form must be submitted to Fulford with the $50 fee.

A separate appliation form is available for Yukon residents.

Application for CERTIFICATION For the first attempt only
Level B – Application Form
Level B – Application Form for YUKON residents

Re-Application for CERTIFICATIONFor the second and third attempts
Level B – Re-Application Form

RENEWALTo renew certification after the first year
Level B – Renewal Form

CHANGE OF EMPLOYERTo continue your level B certification if you change employer
Level B – Change of Employer Form

LEVEL C – Letter of Permission

Level C – Application Form

LEVEL D – Limited Scope Crane Operation

1. Level D certification requires a successful result on the online BCACS Crane Core Theory Exam.
2. There is a $50 re-assessment fee for operators who are not successful on their first or second attempt on the online test and must re-attempt the online test.

Application for CERTIFICATION - For the first attempt only
Level D – Application Form

Re-Application for CERTIFICATION - For the second and third attempts
Level D – Re-Application Form

Application for REVISION - For a change of worksite and/or employer.
Level D – Revision Application Form

LEVEL D – Mechanic: Limited Scope Crane Operation

Pending approval from WorkSafeBC.
An application form will be available once this program has been approved.