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Levels B & D
Online Core Theory Test

What is covered on the test?

The test covers the following competence areas:

i.e. What does reeving mean?

using formulas provided
i.e. How much does a six foot by six foot by 2 foot (6' x 6' x 2') concrete block weigh?

involving slings
i.e. To lift a 1,200 kg concrete block, what diameter of nylon web sling is required? (using rigging capacity tables provided in the Exam Figures Booklet)

Question Topic Areas

The test is made up of six sections for a total 23 points:

SAFETY (5 points)

  1. Safe working practices for crane operators
  2. Power line hazards and high voltage equipment


  1. Hand signals

CRANES (3 points)

  1. Craning and hoisting terminology
  2. Regulations

RIGGING (7 points)

  1. Lifting theory and forces
  2. Slings, wire ropes, rigging hardware and capacity cards
  3. Inspection and storage of slings and hardware

HOISTING (3 points)

  1. Calculating load weights


  1. Pre-operational requirements
  2. Positioning and set-up of a crane

Level B and Level D Certification requires operators to successfully pass the BC Association for Crane Safety [BCACS] Crane Core Theory Test. This is a multiple choice test that is delivered on-line.

Once your application is processed you will receive a username and password that you will enter into a login page on our website. Full details will be provided to you by email along with your username and password.


There are a total of 23 questions. A result of 17 or more is required to be successful on the test. You may attempt the test a total of three times if neccessary. If you are not successful on the first or second attempt, you will need to submit a Re-Application Form with the $50 fee for each re-attempt. You must wait a minimum of 72 hours (3 full days) between each attempt.

If, after the third attempt, you have not achieved a result of 17 or higher, you will need to reapply for certification.


Once you have acheived a successful result, you will be issued your Photo ID Certificate by mail. You will receive this card within 2 weeks of completing the test.


You will also receive the BCACS Exam Figures Booklet with your login email. This is a short document that contains rigging capacity tables and a table of material weights. It is very important that you have a printed copy before you take the test. You will need to use the information included in it to answer some of the questions on the test.


Once you begin the test you will have 60 minutes to complete the test. The timer cannot be stopped once you start. Once you have begun the exam, you will be able to go forward or back to review and change your answers or skip ahead if you wish. The copy and paste functions on your computer will not function while you are doing the test.

When you are satisfied with your answers, press the submit button and you will be given your score. Do not click on the SUBMIT button before you have answered all the questions. Clicking on the Submit button will end the exam.


Practice Quiz

Try this short practice quiz with questions that are in the same format as the online exam. At the end of the quiz, all the questions and answers are reviewed and a brief explanation is given for each one.

OHS Regulations

The complete OHS crane and rigging are listed on the WorkSafeBC website:

High Voltage Power Lines

Part 13 Work Platforms

For regulations on Work Platforms, visit the WorkSafeBC website:

Rigging Capacity Cards

Practice rigging calculations are included in the Level A – Load Chart and Rigging Practice Exercises. Each load chart practice exercise contains one or two rigging questions.

Tonne versus Ton

A Tonne is a metric ton and is equal to 1,000 kg or 2,205 lbs.

A Tonne is equal to 1.1023 short tons (short tons are also known as American tons).

A Tonne is equal to 0.9844 long tons (long tons are also known as Imperial tons)

A Short Ton (American ton) is equal to 2,000 lbs or 907 kg.


A multiple choice test is one where the question is accompanied by a choice of four possible answers, only one of which is correct. You must choose the answer which you believe is correct. Here is an example:

  1. What is the function of an anti-two block device on a crane?
    1. It prevents twisting of wire rope on the hoist drum, thereby ensuring a longer service life for the wire rope.
    2. It prevents the hook assembly from rotating excessively when the load is hoisted close to the tip of the boom.
    3. It prevents the lower load block (or hook assembly) coming in contact with the upper load block (or boom point sheave assembly).
    4. It prevents the operator of the crane from applying an excessive load moment to the crane when swinging a load by reducing the speed of the rotation drive.

C is the correct answer.

There is no pattern as to which letter is the right answer. The system generates a new test from a bank of questions each time you log in. The questions and answers are ordered differently each time the test is viewed.