WorkSafeBC Regulations – Critical Lifts

14.42.1 Critical Lift

  1. A written lift plan must be prepared for every critical lift and must be available at the worksite during the lift.
  2. The written lift plan required in subsection (1) must include the following:
    1. rigging details;
    2. wind speed limitations;
    3. maximum hoist line speed;
    4. maximum crane travel speed, if applicable;
    5. load distribution;
    6. the need for and position of signallers.
  3. At a pre-job meeting held immediately before commencing hoisting operations for a critical lift, the lift plan required in subsection (1) must be communicated to all people involved and the supervisor must document the meeting.
  4. The pre-job meeting required under subsection (3) must be repeated whenever there is a change in the people or equipment involved in the critical lift.
  5. Effective communication must be established and maintained between all people involved in a critical lift.

[Enacted by B.C. Reg. 320/2007, effective February 1, 2008.]

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