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Crane Types & Hierarchy of Operations

The CraneSafe Certificate provides operators with the required proof of competence for the following types of equipment in BC and Yukon. The types of cranes each crane type is qualified to operate is also indicated below.

Crane Types for Assessment Purposes

For certification in these crane types, operators must first register with the ITA as an apprentice or as a challenger. Challengers must complete a 100-question multiple choice written test. Once they have successfully completed the ITA test, operators should apply for the Fulford CraneSafe practical assessment.

For certification in these crane types, operators apply directly for the CraneSafe practical assessment with Fulford and are not required to register with the ITA.


TONNE (Metric Ton)

1 Tonne = 1,000 kg = 2,205 lbs
1 Tonne = 1.1023 Tons
(short tons, American tons)
1 Tonne = 0.9844 Tons
(long tons, Imperial tons)

SHORT TON (US or American)

1 short ton = 2,000 lbs = 907 kg
1 short ton = .9072 Tonnes

LONG TON (Imperial)

1 long ton = 1,016 kg = 2,240 lb
1 long ton = 1.0161 Tonnes

  • Friction Lattice Boom
  • Hydraulic Lattice Boom
  • Mobile Hydraulic – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Mobile Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes & Under
  • Mobile Hydraulic – 20 Tonnes & Under


  • Stiff Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Stiff Boom – 40 Tonnes & Under
  • Stiff Boom – 20 Tonnes & Under
  • Folding Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
  • Folding Boom – 22 Tonnes & Under
  • Folding Boom – 10 Tonnes & Under


  • Tower Crane
  • Self Erect Tower Crane

*** Tower Crane operators must provide documented proof of at least 500 hours of on-crane seat time plus 500 hours of rigging time.

Hierarchy of Crane Operation

The types of cranes each crane type is qualified to operate is also indicated below (i.e. crane operators who are qualified to operate Friction Lattice cranes are also qualified to operate all other Mobile cranes and Boom Trucks but not Tower cranes).

Crane Operation - Hierarchy of Crane Types

1. Friction Lattice Boom Cranes are also known as conventional cranes.
2. Folding Boom Cranes are also known as Knuckle Boom Cranes and Articulating Boom Cranes (i.e. HIAB).
3. Tower Cranes include luffing and track mounted cranes.
4. Tonnes are metric.

Minimum crane sizes for Level A assessments.
Restrictions previously issued to Mobile Hydraulic, Stiff Boom Truck and Folding Boom Truck certificate holders.