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News & Updates

Certification: The Beginning of the Path to Qualification
6 July 2018

Federal OSHA in the US has clarified a procedure employers can use to ensure certified operators are qualified to run different cranes.

Previously, there was concern OSHA might mandate a formal evaluation of each operator on every piece of equipment they are asked by their employer to run. OSHA clarifies that an incremental evaluation is acceptable – an evaluation of the specifics of the crane that differ from a model the operator has previously run.

Fulford’s Certification addresses some of the concerns OSHA has with certification as our certification is divided by crane capacity and set up is a mandatory component of the Fulford Assessment. Fulford also offers crane specific assessment packages employers may use to conduct in-house evaluations to qualify operators on specific cranes.

More detail on the OSHA announcement and a link through to the original announcement in the Federal Register can be found in this June 11th 2018 Cranes Today article, "Necessary Training, Sufficient Evaluation".

Competence Standards Update
3 November 2017

Currently the Fulford CraneSafe Certificates are based on Industry Training Authority / WorkSafe BC Competence Standards registered in 2007.


We are beginning an update process to review and harmonise with newly released ITA standards for Mobile Crane and Tower Crane – these standards will be registered as 2015 standards and are fully reviewed by Industry and now released for use. The boom truck and self erect tower crane standards will be based on the most current ISO standards for these crane types in parallel with the harmonisation work BC for Crane Safety is undertaking.


We expect all of our assessment tools to be harmonised with the new standards in January 2018. Preliminary review of the revised standards shows there will be minimal impact on the practical assessment. We will post update notices here to advise of any changes.


When the work is complete we will have a fully referenced and hyperlinked resource section on the website where all the standards underlying the CraneSafe Certificates will be published or linked to. This work maintains the BC CraneSafe system as fully internationally compliant and is an important step as we work to ISO 17024 accreditation as an agency certifying human competence.

Equipment Daily Logbook
12 April 2017

Folding Boom Truck Crane Daily Inspection Logbook

After extensive requests from and consultation with Industry, Fulford has produced a daily inspection log book for all of the crane types we certify.

When a crane is mounted on a truck or carrier we have combined the National Safety Code truck inspection with the CSA / ASME crane inspection so you only have to fill out and carry one log book.

The log books are high quality with tear-aways for mechanical defects and repair and use carbonless paper to create a copy of your inspection for off-site / office record keeping.

We’re really pleased with how they’ve turned out and we encourage you to try them.

Daily Inspection Truck and Crane Checklist

Each book contains 60 Inspection Checklists (enough for approximately three months use) plus 10 Request for Repair forms.

Logbooks are available for these crane types:

  • Folding Boom Truck
  • Stiff Boom Truck
  • Mobile Hydraulic
  • Mobile Lattice Friction
  • Mobile Lattice Hydraulic

Currently available for BC, Alberta and Ontario. All other Canadian jurisdictions available very soon. United States will be coming in June.

$24.95 each | Bulk discounts available | Order Form »

New Fee Schedule – Starting 4 May 2017
4 April 2017

At Fulford Certification we have worked hard to keep our assessment fees unchanged over the last six years as we continue to deliver our assessment services to all operators in the province for the same price. Unfortunately, increased costs now require our fees to increase to keep pace. Starting May 4th the new fee structure will be:







$120.00 + $6.00 GST = $126.00


First Application: $275.00 + $13.75 GST = $288.75

Re-Application: $50.00 + $2.50 GST = $52.50

BC Apprenticeship Program Change Notice
22 June 2016

We have been informed by the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA.) that effective immediately the Mobile Crane Operator – Lattice Boom Hydraulic (Lattice Hydraulic in abbreviated form) apprenticeship program has been closed.

The ITA references an ongoing harmonization project between the Provinces as the reason for the closure of the program. The harmonization project goal is that all Provinces issue one credential for all Red Seal linked crane operator programs across the country – the single Red Seal linked credential will be titled Mobile Crane Operator. This is an ongoing project and more update announcements from the ITA can be expected.

Below is the notice posted on the ITA website. For further information contact the ITA as outlined below and for questions concerning practical assessment please contact our office.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


If you are already enrolled in this program, your credential will still be granted upon completion.

This program is unavailable for challenge and apprentice registration. To obtain a Mobile Crane Operator Red Seal, please register into the Mobile Crane Operator Lattice Boom Friction Crane program.

This program is inactive because the Mobile Crane Operator Red Seal and Mobile Crane Operator (Hydraulic) Red Seal programs are to be served by only one program. The new program is currently in development. 

If you have any questions or concerns about completing your program, please contact ITA Customer Service at (778) 328-8700; Toll Free +1 866-660-6011 or by email at customerservice@itabc.ca.

Application Forms
30 March 2015

Please note that all Application Forms are updated regularly. In order to ensure that you are using the most up-to-date version, download the application form you need from our website.

» Application Forms

Level B Application Form
30 March 2015

The Application Form for Level B Certification has been updated so that it is no longer necessary to submit a Plan of Supervision with the application.

However, Employers must still ensure that they have a Plan for Supervision in place to ensure adequate supervision of the Level B Operator. Additionally, in the event of an incident, WorkSafeBC will request evidence of a Plan for Supervision.

Download the Level B Application.

Crane & Rigging Conference
5 September 2013

The 3rd Crane & Rigging Conference (CRC) Canada will take place October 22-23, 2013 at the Edmonton Marriott at River Cree Resort, Alberta.

Crane professionals from all the western provinces and many from the United States are expected to attend the two-day event, while a strong contingent from the oil sands in Fort McMurray is anticipated. CRC Canada 2013 will address crane and rigging supervisors, facilities managers, and safety personnel. Critical lifting, rigging, overhead cranes, standards and training will again be among key topics.

Lee Middleton from Fulford will be presenting "Competence and it's Counterfeits".

More information is available at www.craneandriggingconference.com.

Job Opening – Rigging Trainer / Crane Operator Assessor
31 July 2013

Fulford Certification, Vancouver, British Columbia


Duties:  Development and delivery of a rigging training and assessment program; Promotion and delivery of a rigging inspection and inventory management service; Delivery of crane operator practical skills assessment services.  

Successful candidates will have a valid mobile and/or tower crane trade certification; Over 10 years experience as a craneoperator and rigging; Experience developing and delivering training/certification programs; Experience assessing the skills of crane operators.

Interested parties are required to submit their resume and cover letter outlining their specific certifications; experience as a crane operator; experience as a rigger; experience developing and delivering training programs and experience assessing crane operators via email to info@fulford.ca.

  • Salary:$80,000.00 annually
  • Positions Available: 1
  • Type: Full-Time
  • Minimum Education: Technical Training

Training Resources – Videos
11 March 2013

Fulford, in conjunction with BCACS, has just released four training videos designed to assist operators as well as employers and trainers, especially in preparation for the Level A Practical Assessment.

Available in small format Training Videos » and high definition HD »

Winter Holidays
7 December 2012

Fulford's Main Office and Client Services will be closed for the winter holidays on these dates:

Monday, December 24, 2012, – Tuesday, 1 January, 2013, (inclusive).

Changes to Level B Certification
28 November 2012

Level B Certification is being adjusted to make the transition from Level B to Level A Certification more streamlined. Amongst other changes, a Level B renewal will be extended from a period of 4 months to a term of 6 months. These changes will be effective 15 December 2012.

Your files will be actively managed by an account representative who will work with you to ensure a smooth transition to Level A CraneSafe Certification or ITA Certification before the expiration of your Level B Certificate.

NEW – ITA Apprentices
For registered apprentices who have completed Level 1 (Core Theory) technical training and have a transcript to that effect from the ITA, there is no requirement to complete the Level B online core theory test. Instead a current apprentice may apply for Level B at the renewal rate and the B Certificate issued will be valid for 1 year, not 6 months. This arrangement is only for apprentices registered with the ITA who possess a valid Trade Worker Identification [TWID] number.

The Level B Certificate expires one year after issue and can only be renewed by application to the BCACS.

† More information on Level B »

† All Level B application forms »

Levels B & D: Expedited Registration – Online crane core theory test
7 November 2012

Operators applying for Levels B and D can now choose to have SAME DAY registration for the online crane core theory test. The fee is $50 plus HST.

  • Applicable to regular business days.
  • Applications must be received by 3pm or same day registration applies to the next business day.
  • Application must be complete and payment must be received.

† Find out more about Levels B & D certification »

† Find all the Application forms for certification.

New Website
15 April 2012

After months of hard work, Fulford Certification has a new website. We hope you find it easier to navigate but don't hesitate to contact us if you cannot find what you are looking for.

New Crane Type Categories for Boom Trucks
15 March 2012

Two new categories of crane types are being added to boom trucks:

  • Stiff Boom Truck – 20 Tonnes & Under (SB20)
  • Folding Boom Truck – 10 Tonnes & Under (FB10)

These are in addition to the existing crane types: Stiff Boom Truck – Unlimited Tonnage (SBU), Stiff Boom Truck – 40 Tonnes & Under (SB40), Folding Boom Truck – Unlimited Tonnage (FBU) and Folding Boom Truck – 22 Tonnes & Under (FB22).

Operators holding SB20 certification will be able to operate SB20 and FB22. Operators holding FB10 certification will be able to operate FB10.

† See Crane Types: Hierarchy of Operations for a complete list of crane types.