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Apprenticeship & Competence Standards

Fulford Certification has extensive experience creating and updating apprenticeship programs to keep pace with changing skill needs. We understand that apprenticeships are about learning on the job – but we also know that learning doesn't happen automatically; apprentices must be guided.

Fulford's success comes from our ability to listen to the experts in each field we work in, understand the technical language used, and ask questions using the language of the trade to get to the heart of what the trade is about – and then we document that in clear, technically accurate language.

We also pay close attention to how apprentices in each trade area learn on the job to ensure that the assessment process fits in well with both employers and apprentices and is a system that can be easily used and understood by all. We ensure that knowledge and workplace competence are properly integrated and accurately assessed.

We specialise in developing training standards that are used both in colleges and on the job to teach apprentices. We are familiar with regulatory requirements in British Columbia, Alberta and Ontario and have proven experience in developing and revising trades to Provincial Government Standards in these three Provinces. Our experience includes all aspects of the Canadian and many International Apprenticeship and Industry Training models including:

  • The Red Seal system
  • Competency based apprenticeships in the UK, Australia and New Zealand

Trade Expertise

Trade areas we have developed standards include:

  • Crane and Hoisting Operator
  • Funeral Service Professions
  • Industrial Electrician
  • Industrial Instrument Technician
  • Millwright (Industrial Mechanic)
  • Shipwright and Marine Repair
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Railway Car Mechanic
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Gradesperson / Utility Installer

Project Support

When clients are seeking funding for apprenticeship program development and pilot projects, we use our expertise to assist in the development of their program proposals to government agencies.

To assist clients with explaining new or revised programs and assessment processes to industry stakeholders we can develop and give presentations to explain changes and to train assessors and employers.