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Assessment & Certification

Fulford designs assessment systems that guide and gauge worker competence in compliance with legal worker protection requirements and trade standards. Since 2008, we have developed assessment systems and certified over 8,000 workers in Western Canada.

We specialise in the development of practical assessments that provide an objective, standardised, way of determining the competence of apprentices and workers challenging trades credentials.

We specialise in the development of practical assessments that provide an objective standardised way of determining the level of competence of employees and people challenging trades credentials from outside the formal Canadian apprenticeship system.

Working closely with industry we:

  • Design the assessment process
  • Hire and train industry specific assessors
  • Oversee and administer the assessment process

Fulford Certification has participated in the design of the BC Industrial Electrical Apprenticeship, BC and Yukon Crane Operators Certification program and BC Funeral Services apprenticeships, all of which require demonstration of on job competence.

Experienced Assessment Team

Fulford's in-house assessment team can work closely with you to develop and implement a respected assessment process that builds on our experience working with a variety of industries and occupations.

CraneSafe Certification System

Occupational Health and Safety Regulations in British Columbia and Yukon require crane operators to demonstrate proof of competence. We designed, implemented and continue to run the CraneSafe Certification System used to certify the competence of Crane Operators in BC and Yukon.
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Funeral Services

Fulford is also the designated Assessment Coordinator for the Funeral Service Profession in British Columbia.
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