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Funeral Directors & Embalmers


Fulford was approved by the Industry Training Authority [ITA] to administer the Work Experience Assessment portion of the Funeral Services Apprenticeship program in BC from its inception in 2010 to 2014. As the third party assessor, Fulford acted independently from the Canadian College of Funeral Service [CCFS] and the BC Funeral Assocation [BCFA] and reported directly to the BCFA.


The Funeral Services Apprenticeship program is designed to measure the skills and abilities of apprentices who are working towards qualifications as a Funeral Director and/or Embalmer in the Province of British Columbia. This process is designed to provide a transparent process for all parties involved.

Each apprentice will work through a two year apprenticeship during which they will complete both theory and practical components. The skills or competencies that the apprentice is expected to gain on the job during the apprenticeship period are Workplace Competency Standards. These are based on the knowledge standards as defined by the Industry Training Authority of BC [ITABC] and are the practical application of that knowledge. Each apprentice will be measured against and expected to demonstrate competence in the workplace in order to be certified.

The funeral services qualifications are designed to meet the specific requirements of competence required by the BC Funeral Association [BCFA] (formerly the Funeral Service Association [FSABC]) in a funeral home environment. There are three specific qualifications related to the funeral home environment:

  • Funeral Director (ITA Trade #219)
  • Embalmer (ITA Trade #333)
  • Funeral Director & Embalmer (ITA Trade #58)