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September 2016


BC'S Crane Operator
Compliance System

Since 2008, BC's Occupational Health and Safety Regulations require that operators of cranes (mobile hoisting devices) must possess proof of competence acceptable to the Worker's Compensation Board of BC.

Fulford CraneSafe

Fuford Certification assesses and certifies crane operators to satisfy the Regulation. For larger crane types we provide the assessment of practical skills that forms part of the crane apprenticeship qualifications issued through the Industry Training Authority.


Certification is an efficient way for you – as an employer and safety professional – to check an operator's competence.

As a person responsible for crane safety you should not (and indeed rarely can) be in a position where you learn more about crane operations to second guess your operator's actions. That's where strong third party Certification comes in. You can look at a holder of our secure CraneSafe Certificate of Competence card and know that the holder has demonstrated the skills industry has defined as crucial for safe operation to an independent professional assessor, themselves supervised by an independent assessing agency.


Fulford Crane Certification was developed in collaboration with the following:

It is currently endorsed and in use by Alberta Apprenticeship and is recognized by Yukon Worker's Health and Safety Board.

BC Association for Crane Safety

In judging the strength of a Certification you need to check that the Standards of skill which a Certificate holder is tested against is rigorously developed to include national and international standards and is formally approved by a cross section of industry that uses the skills (competences) being Certified.

Fulford CraneSafe Certification was developed to these rigorous standards. We are a member of the Institute for Credentialing Excellence which oversees the National Commission for Certifying Agencies.


Crane Operator Regulations & Requirements in British Columbia

In British Columbia you need to be Certified to operate most types of cranes — this requirement comes from the Worker's Compensation Board of BC (WorkSafeBC) through Occupational Health and Safety regulations.

The Certification system is designed to apply to many different crane types and it does not use a one-size-fits-all approach. This flexibility allows for a good fit for the different industrial and construction uses of cranes of very different types and capacities.

This flexibility comes at a price and that price is complexity! BC Crane Certification compliance is coordinated by several difference agencies who each play a part in the BC Crane Certification Compliance system.

Becoming Certified

You will need to prove that you are a competent crane operator to operate a crane in BC and Yukon.

    Competent operation of a crane is crucial for your and your co-workers' safety. Cranes are complex and the massive forces they exert and resist are invisible until something goes wrong. BC Competence Certification is designed to make sure everyone running a crane in BC is doing so with all the required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (competence!) to be safe and efficient.

    Identify the type of crane you operate or will need to operate. BC's Crane Certification System is based on these categories of crane and boom truck:

    Mobile Crane
    • Friction Lattice Boom
    • Friction Hydraulic Boom (under review and closed for registration)
    • Mobile Hydraulic – Unlimited tonnage
    • Mobile Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes & under
    • Mobile Hydraulic – 20 Tonnes & under
    Boom Truck:
    • Stiff Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
    • Stiff Boom – 40 Tonnes & Under
    • Stiff Boom – 20 Tonnes & Under
    • Folding Boom – Unlimited Tonnage
    • Folding Boom – 22 Tonnes & Under
    • Folding Boom – 10 Tonnes & Under
    Tower Crane
    • Tower Crane
    • Self Erect Tower Crane
    Find out more about crane types and the hierarchy of operation.

See this two-page Introduction for an overview of the Crane Operator Certification system. For more details about CraneSafe Certification go to:

More information about where to learn how to competently operate a crane and other training tools is available with the BC Association of Crane Safety at www.bccranesafety.ca.


Fulford provides cost effective assurance of crane and rigging competence. We have Certified over 12,000 crane operators and construction professionals since 2008 throughout Western Canada.

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