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Training & Certification

Why Overhead Crane Operator Certification?

Competent crane operators greatly increase the safety of any hoisting operation.

Increasingly, large contractors and safety inspectors are requiring proof of competence for workers operating overhead cranes. In response to this growing need, Fulford has developed the Overhead Crane Operator Orientation and Certification program that allows you and/or members of your staff to increase their level of competence.

Certification allows you to show others you meet the Fulford Crane Operator standard.

Why Choose Fulford?

As with our proven CraneSafe Certification, our Overhead Crane certificates assure you of the cardholder's competence. We take our role as independent third party competence assessors very seriously.

Fulford offers three levels of overhead crane operator Certification.

I.    Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals – Orientation

This is the entry level to being a competent Overhead Crane Operator. It is a comprehensive session covering the fundamentals of:
• pre-operational inspection,
• crane operation and
• shut down procedures.

Participants who complete the Overhead Crane Operator Orientation receive a Certificate of Completion.

» See what's included in the Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals Orientation

II.    Level 1 Rigger – Certificate of Competence

To take your skills to the next level and prove your rigging competence we offer the Level 1 Overhead Crane Operator.

To receive the Certificate of Competence, you must successfully complete a practical assessment conducted by one of our Crane Operator Assessors (or one of our External Assessor Certifying partners).


Fulford offers the option of becoming a certified overhead crane operator trainer so that you can deliver in-house the Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals Orientation.

Our Overhead Crane Operator Train-the-Trainer sessions equip you with everything you need to deliver the Fulford Overhead Crane Operator Fundamentals Orientation, including your assessment and certification as a Level 1 Overhead Crane Operator.

To become a Registered Trainer with Fulford you will:
» Take part in a "Train the Trainer" session
» Become certified as a competent Level 1 Overhead Crane Operator and
» Receive one-on-one training.

As a registered Fulford Overhead Crane Operator Orientation Trainer, you will be able to order training kits from Fulford, which include everything you need to deliver the Overhead Crane Operator Orientation, including the Overhead Crane Operator Reference Manual, Lift Planning Guide and comprehensive Powerpoint presentation and class exercises.

The one-on-one training is delivered by a Fulford Assessor who is trained in adult education and has years of experience in teaching crane operation in industrial settings.

The one-time Train-the-Trainer fee is $1,500.

There is a $100 fee for each participant you train. This includes the Reference Manual, Lift Planning Guide and Certificate of Completion wallet card for each participant.


Training & Certification Details


Based on the Fulford Reference Manual for Overhead Crane Operators, this hands-on session combines classroom instruction with technical tools for inspection and operation.

Participants of this 7 hour session will have a thorough grounding in overhead crane operation fundamentals. Common mistakes will be fully reviewed to ensure participants leave the session with the knowledge to operate safely.

We offer this program at your worksite to groups of up 8. The session is delivered by one of our highly experienced crane operator educators who have each over 30 years experience in the crane industry.

II.    LEVEL 1 OVERHEAD CRANE OPERATOR – Certificate of Competence





In October 2015 WorkSafe BC introduced guidelines to Part 14.34 of the Cranes & Hoists regulation that requires operators of any hoist (including overhead cranes) to be trained and demonstrate competency:

  1. A crane or hoist must only be operated by a qualified person who has been instructed to operate the equipment.
  2. A person must demonstrate competency, including familiarity with the operating instructions for the crane or hoist and the code of signals for hoisting operations authorized by the Board before operating the equipment.