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Training & Certification

Pedestal Mount Folding Crane

Fulford offers on-site marine pedestal mount crane training and certification which includes:

Hand Signals

  • Demonstrate all common hand signals

How to Use Load Charts

  • Reading load charts
  • Gross versus net capacity

Cranes on the Water

  • WorkSafe regulations
  • Effects of list & trim
  • Use of list charts
  • Impact of lifting on vessel list and metacentric stability
  • Impact of dynamic forces on lifting capacity
  • Weight of submerged load calculations
  • Why submerged loads are critical lifts

Pedestal Mount Crane Operator TRAINING SESSION – 8 hours

$1,900 for up to 5 participants
($150 for additional participants, maximum class size 7)

Receive the Pedestal Mount Crane Operator Certificate of Completion wallet card (no photo) – valid for 3 years


Pedestal Mount Crane Operator ASSESSMENT

$600 per operator

Receive the Pedestal Mount Crane Operator Certificate of Competence wallet card.

NOTE: The assessment is independent of the training session. Operators are not required to take the training session in order to be assessed.

Pre-Operational Inspection

  • Boom & boom attachments
  • Swing circle, turret & winch
  • Hoist load lines
  • Main block, overhaul ball, hooks & sheaves
  • Rigging components

Machine Set-up

  • Hazard assessment
  • Vessel stability – spuds, anchors, lines
  • List indicator within chart
  • Controls functioning properly
  • Warning devices functioning

Crane Operation

  • 10 keys to safe operation
  • How to control the lifted load
  • How to catch a swinging load
  • Compensating for list & trim
  • Crane operation target course with and without a load
  • Crane shut down procedure

Synthetic Rope Rigging

  • Synthetic fiber rope sling requirements
  • Synthetic rope sling rejection criteria
  • Synthetic fiber rope safety factor calculations
Pedestal Mount Crane