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Rigger Training & Certification

Fulford offers three on-site rigging training and certification options:

  1. Rigging Fundamentals training courses and Certificate of Completion
  2. Level 1 Rigger Certification
  3. Train-the-Trainer Certification
    For organisations that want to deliver an in-house Rigging Fundamentals training course and certification of completion

Rigging Fundamentals Training Session – 8 hours

$1,900 for up to 8 participants
($150 for additional participants, maximum class size 12)


  1. Rigging Fundamentals Manual
  2. Lift Planning Guide
  3. Rigging Fundamentals Certificate of Completion wallet card (no photo) – valid for 3 years

Rigging Fundamentals

Rigging Fundamentals courses include all basic rigging knowledge and practical skills including:

  • Rigging terminology
  • Determining load weight
  • Locating the load's centre of gravity (COG)
  • Communicating with hand signals
  • Knot tying
  • Inspecting slings and hardware
  • Using rigging working load limit charts
  • Application of common hitches
  • Basic lift planning
  • Rigging and signaling lifts

Level 1 Rigger Certification

For those who want to receive certification as a Level 1 Rigger, Fulford will deliver a theory and practical skills assessment. These assessments are based on the material included in the Rigging Fundamentals training course.

Level 1 Rigger Assessment –
2-3 hours

$400 per person


  1. Personal feedback from the Fulford Assessor
  2. Successful candidates receive the Level 1 Rigger Certificate of Competence photo ID wallet card – valid for 5 years
  3. Level 1 Rigger hardhat sticker

Theory Exam

Ten question written test covering:

  • Calculation of load weights
  • Use of rigging tables to determine the required size of rigging for various loads and hitch configurations
  • Sling angle estimation
  • Recommended hitches for different load types
  • Calculation of load centre of gravity (COG)

Practical Assessment

Six assessment areas covering:

  • Hand signals
  • Knot tying
  • Rigging inspection
  • Demonstration of 6 common hitches
  • Lift planning
  • Rigging and signalling of a load

Rigging Fundamentals
Train-the-Trainer – 8 hours

$1,900 for one-on-one orientation, assessment and accreditation


  1. One-on-one orientation to the program content and course delivery
  2. Assessment as a Level 1 Rigger
  3. Rigging Fundamentals Powerpoint Presentation, Manual and Lifting Guide
  4. Trainer Accreditation allowing you to order training packages from Fulford ($100) that include a manual, lift guide and Certificate of Completion form so that your students receive a Certificate of Completion wallet card valid for 3 years once they have completed your course.


Train-the-Trainer accreditation must be renewed annually.

In the case where accreditation has been expired for over one year, you will need to complete the program again.

Rigging Train-the-Trainer

For organisations that want to use Fulford's Rigging Fundamentals material to deliver their own rigging program we offer a Train-the-Trainer option.

This program is designed for an individual with some rigging experience that wants training and certification to offer the Fulford Rigging Fundamentals as an in-house training program and to administer the Certificate of Completion assessment for participants.