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Rigger Training & Certification

In British Columbia WorkSafe BC requires that all rigging and slinging work must be done by or under the direct supervision of qualified workers familiar with the rigging to be used and with the code of signals authorized by the Board for controlling hoisting operations.

Fulford Certification offer three levels of on-site rigging training and rigger certification:

Rigging Fundamentals Training Session – 8 hours

$2,950 for up to 10 participants


  1. Rigging Fundamentals Manual
  2. Lift Planning Guide
  3. Rigging Fundamentals Certificate of Completion wallet card (no photo) – valid for 3 years

Rigging Fundamentals

Rigging Fundamentals courses include all basic rigging knowledge and practical skills including:

  • Rigging terminology
  • Determining load weight
  • Locating the load's centre of gravity (COG)
  • Communicating with hand signals
  • Knot tying
  • Inspecting slings and hardware
  • Using rigging working load limit charts
  • Application of common hitches
  • Basic lift planning
  • Rigging and signaling lifts

Level 1 Rigger Certification

For those who want to receive a Certificate of Competence as a Level 1 Rigger, Fulford will deliver a theory and practical skills assessment. These assessments are based on the material included in the Rigging Fundamentals training course. The Certificate of Competence is valid for five years.

Level 1 Rigger Assessment –
2-3 hours

  • $400 per person


  1. Personal feedback from the Fulford Assessor
  2. Successful candidates receive the Level 1 Rigger Certificate of Competence photo ID wallet card – valid for 5 years
  3. Level 1 Rigger hardhat sticker

Theory Exam

Ten question written test covering:

  • Calculation of load weights
  • Use of rigging tables to determine the required size of rigging for various loads and hitch configurations
  • Sling angle estimation
  • Recommended hitches for different load types
  • Calculation of load centre of gravity (COG)

Practical Assessment

Six assessment areas covering:

  • Hand signals
  • Knot tying
  • Rigging inspection
  • Demonstration of 6 common hitches
  • Lift planning
  • Rigging and signalling of a load

Level 2 – Advanced Rigger Program

Level 2 – Advanced Rigger Program

2 day session – 8 hours/day

Level 1 Rigger Certification


  • $5,900 per session for up to 10

Participants will receive:

  • Advanced Rigging Manual
  • Lift Planning Guide
  • Advanced Rigger Certificate of
    Completion wallet card (no photo).
    Valid for 3 years.

This program is designed for individuals who want to increase their knowledge of rigging to the next level and who have already received their Fulford Level 1 Rigger Certification.

Each Training session is comprised of 2 full days.

The Level 2 course includes the following knowledge areas:

  • Rigging Calculations
    • Calculate complex load weight
    • Calculate complex COG's
    • Share of load calculations
    • Sling tension calculations
    • Tension calculations for unequal sling length and uneven pick points
  • Radio Communications
    • Radio system requirements
    • Give voice commands using 3 required elements
  • Blocks & Reeving
    • Pulleys and mechanical advantage
    • Calculating lead line and anchor loads
    • Correct reeving practices
    • Inspection of block
  • Wire Rope
    • Different types of wire rope construction and their advantages/weaknesses
    • Correct application of manual wire rope terminations (clips, wedge sockets)
  • Below the Hook Devices: Inspection and correct use
    • Spreader bars
    • Lifting beams
    • Plate clamps
    • Man basket rigging
  • Crane Knowledge
    • Crane components
    • Site set-up requirements
    • Limits of approach for electrical lines
    • Load chart exercise
  • Alternate LIfting Devices: Inspection and correct use
    • Lever hoists (come along)
    • Chain falls
    • Winches and snatch blocks
  • Load Turning & Load Drifting
    • Rigging a load for turning
    • Procedure for drifting a load with two manual chain hoists including calculation of maximum hoist tension

Level 2 –
Advanced Rigger Certification

Written Theory Test +
Practical Skills Assessment:
$400 per participant

Receive personal feedback from the Fulford Assessor.

On successful completion of their assessment each participant will receive a

  1. Certificate of Competency
    (valid for 5 years) and
  2. Level 2 Advanced Rigger hardhat sticker

Level 2 – Advanced Rigger Certification

For those who want to receive a Certificate of Competence, Fulford will deliver a theory test and practical skills assessment based on the material covered in the Advanced Rigger Training Course.

The theory test will cover these knowledge areas:

  • Complex load calculations
  • Combined centre of gravity calculations
  • Sling tension calculations
  • Load turning
  • Line pull and anchor load calculations
  • Crane load chart reading

The practical asessment will cover these skills:

  • Radio communications
  • Wire rope terminations
  • Rejection criteria
    • Under the hook lifting devices
    • Lever hoists and chain falls
    • Winches
  • LIft planning
  • Rigging and signalling of a load