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Rigging Inspection & Inventory Services

Rigging is a critical component of competent hoisting operations. This service has been developed by Fulford in response to what we have seen on clients' sites during crane operator assessments. We have seen rigging that is clearly not usable due to abuse and improper storage which is a huge liability risk.

Additionally, clients tell us they are often in a position where they buy the same piece of rigging over and over primarily because crews keep losing track of hardware location.


RigID uses radio frequency id chips to track your rigging. Linked to the Rig ID software, the service keeps complete track of the inspection requirements for each piece of your hardware, its location, who it's assigned to and a lot more.

RigID ensures you always have safe, inspection compliant rigging at your disposal whenever you need it. The service can be set up for clients so they run it themselves with our professional support or we also offer RigID Service where our assessment staff conducts inspections and performs ongoing inventory management.

Find out more about this important new service. The enhancement of the safety of your hoisting operations including rigging failure accident analyses that have cost people limbs and millions of dollars in equipment damage is all so easily preventable. RigID »