Fulford Certification


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Fulford Rigging Inspections - truck and trailer

Making rigging certification easy…. Let us come to you!

Fulford has a mobile 120,000 lb test bed to certify your chains when and where you need it, including evenings and weekends. Our service:

  • Cuts the cost and inconvenience of shipping your rigging off-site for certification
  • Keeps your crucial rigging gear available at all times
  • Completes repairs on-site
  • Gives you an electronic inventory of your rigging and inspection certificates
  • Keeps you compliant with all WorkSafe regulations
  • Is priced competitively with off-site inspection services
  • Includes customised sling tags so you know where your rigging is assigned
    e.g. "Welding Shop" "Truck 2301"
  • Is available during evenings or weekends (at no extra charge) to minimize disruption to your operations
  • Includes scanable RFID tags to make re-certification more efficient
Fulford Rigging Inspection & Certification Services