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Rigging Inventory Services

RigID is an electronic inventory system that harnesses the power of attaching inexpensive yet extremely durable radio frequency identification (RFID) tags to difficult to track rigging and hoisting gear that has regulatory requirements for documented inspections. 

RFID tagging coupled with RigID’s inspection and tracking software captures all the information about rigging and hoisting equipment in a centralised and standardised asset management and safety compliance system that can be securely accessed with any computer or smart phone. Safety compliance is achieved in a fraction of the time it takes using a paper based system as digital inspection forms eliminate the repetition and redundancy of these systems including office data re-entry. Mandatory inspection reports can be generated in minutes at any level within the organisation.

The RigID system saves time and money by eliminating data collection errors from misread serial numbers or transcription mistakes and reduces the downtime associated with the inspection process by as much as 65%. By tracking rigging by location, including trucks or mobile work trailers, RigID improves inventory tracking and reduces the amount of lost equipment. Most importantly, the scheduled and standardized inspection of rigging by qualified personnel reduces injuries and damage associated with rigging failures.

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