Fulford Level B Provisional Certification

The Level B is a Provisional Certificate for trainee crane operators.  This Certificate is valid for up to one year to allow trainees to prepare for their Level A Full Scope assessment.

To receive the Level B Provisional certification, trainee operators must pass the BC Crane Safe Crane Core Theory Exam (an online multiple choice test). 

Who can apply?

Applicants for Level B Provisional must be either:

  • Operators who are engaged in a workplace training program
  • Fully trained operators who don’t possess a recognised competency certificate but wish to operate until their Level A assessment takes place.

In either case, the operator must have an employer who will sign-off that there is a supervision plan in place and that the Level B operator will be adequately supervised. 


Level B Provisional Application Fee
$305.00 + $15.25 GST = $320.25

Fee to Retake Exam
$65.00 + $3.25 GST = $68.25

Application Fee for 12 Month Renewal 
 $200.00 + $10.00 GST = $210.00*

* Applicants for a Level B renewal must also submit a non-refundable Level A application with their renewal application.  The Level A application fee is $920 + GST.


Please complete the application form using one of the provided links, depending on whether the operator’s employer will cover the application expenses or if the operator will be personally responsible for payment.


Crane owner/operators must also submit a supervisor declaration with their application.

How am I assessed?

The Level B Provisional test has 6 sections with a total of 23 questions, you must achieve a score of at least 17 to pass the test.  The test can be retaken two additional times for a reassessment fee.

  1. Safe working practices (5 points)
  2. Hand signals (2 points)
  3. Terminology & regulations (3 points)
  4. Rigging (7 points)
  5. Calculating load weight (3 points)
  6. Crane pre-operational requirements (3 points)


Non-critical lifts – all Level B Provisional operators must be indirectly supervised (contact by phone or radio) by an individual who is qualified to supervise crane operations. The employer must ensure that the supervisor is properly trained for the task and that there is a plan for supervision.

Critical lifts – all critical lifts (as defined by WorkSafeBC) performed by a trainee operator must be under direct supervision. Direct supervision requires the supervisor to be close enough to observe the lift and to provide verbal directions to the operator.

Need to retake the exam?

For second or third attempts of the Level B exam

Have you changed employer?

The Level B certification is only valid when working for the employer who signed-off on your supervision plan.  If you change employers, your new employer must sign-off on your supervision and a new card must be issued.

Need to renew your Level B Provisional Certificate ?

Level B Provisional certificates for non-ITA crane classifications can be renewed once to allow trainees time to gain the experience required for their Level A assessment.


Crane owner/operators must also submit a supervisor declaration with their application.

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