Mobile Hydraulic - 80 Tonnes & Under

Follow these steps to become a certified Mobile Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes & Under (MH80) operator.  MH80 operators are certified to operate mobile hydraulic cranes with a capacity of 80 tonnes (176,370 lb) or less as well as all stiff or folding boom cranes.

Certification for Mobile Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes & Under crane operators is issued by the BC Industry Training Authority (ITA).  Fulford Certification issues the provisional operators certificate (Level B) and conducts the practical assessment for the ITA.    

Step 1

Register with BC Crane Safety

You will need a BC Crane Safety registration number to make any application.  This is a quick and free on-line process.

Step 2

Apply for Level B
Provisional Certificate

This certificate is for you if you are learning to operate a crane as part of a workplace training program. For apprentices, your Level B certification can be renewed up to four times to allow you sufficient time to complete your training.

This certificate is also for you if you are a fully trained operator who is not yet certified to operate in BC.

Step 3
Choose your Certification Path

ITA Apprenticeship Program

Register as an apprentice and learn your trade while working under the mentorship of skilled and instructors and operators.  Your Provisional Mobile Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes & Under Certificate is matched to a BC ITA Apprenticeship Qualification (ticket) for the same crane type.

Challenge Certification

If you already have the skills to justify being awarded the qualification, you need to complete an ITA Challenge Application form.  The challenge process requires you to successfully complete the required ITA Challenge exam(s) and a practical assessment administered by Fulford Certification.

Step 4

Apply for ITA Practical Assessment

Once you have completed the ITA requirements  for your Mobile Hydraulic – 80 Tonnes & Under apprenticeship program or challenge process you are ready to apply to Fulford Certification for your practical assessment. 

Need to evaluate a potential operator ?

Level C

This certificate is for new / prospective crane operators. Level C Letters of Permission allow a prospective crane operator to learn in a controlled, directly supervised environment.  It in no way indicates that the holder possesses competence to operate a crane.

Restricted certification

Level D

This Certificate is for operators making specified lifts on specific crane type(s) at a single worksite. It is held by the employer on behalf of the employee and is not transferable between worksites or employers. Should the Level D crane operator leave the employ of the company named on the Level D Certificate, the Certificate is invalidated

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