Level C Letter of Permission

The Level C Letter of Permission is designed for employers to evaluate prospective crane operators in a controlled and directly supervised environment.  Employees with no experience can begin learning how to operate a crane under the direct supervision of a Level A / Full Scope crane operator. 

The Level C Letter of Permission in no way indicates that the holder is competent to operate a crane.

Program Information


Level C Letters of Permission are valid for 6 months and are non-renewable. If, however, you change employers within the 6 month period, you may reapply with your new employer information.

Direct Supervision

The operator named on the Letter of Permission must be under the direct supervision of a crane operator who holds full-scope (Level A) certification for the specific crane type being operated. 

Direct supervision requires the supervisor to have direct line of sight of the trainee and be close enough to verbally communicate with them.


The Level C operator may only operate the type of crane indicated on the application form and the Letter of Permission.

Critical Lifts are NOT allowed – not even under supervision.

Get certified now

Level C certification fee: $160 + GST 
The application form must be signed by the operator and the employer


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