Marine Pedestal Mount
Crane Operator Certification

Marine Pedestal Mount Crane Operator Training & Certification

WorkSafe BC has a Memorandum of Understanding [MOU] with Transport Canada for areas of shared jurisdiction, including crane operation on ships. Under WorkSafe BC Guideline 14.34 any operator of a hoisting device  (including marine pedestal mounted cranes) are required to be trained and assessed as competent.

Fulford Certification offers marine pedestal crane operator training and competence assessment programs for folding boom, stiff boom and hydraulic and lattice boom marine cranes.  The training is delivered at your work site. Contact us for more information.


Fulford’s Pedestal Mount Marine Crane Fundamentals program includes 8 hours of on-site theory and practical skills training which gives participants a Fundamentals of Marine Crane Operation Certificate of Completion valid for 3 years. 

Training can be followed by one-on-one assessment and feedback of each participant’s skills, giving successful participants a Marine Crane Operator Certificate of Competence valid for 5 years.  

Courses are only delivered at your site and access to a meeting room, work space with a ship mounted crane and objects for loads are required.

Marine Pedestal Mount
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